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Download an Appchkr

Includes all Appchkr types.
Choose the type during installation on your system.

Free forever for 10 targets (?).

Buy an Appchkr subscription to license a larger number of targets.

Runs on any MS Windows™(7, 8, 10) or classsic Linux computer (Redhat, Ubuntu, Debian etc. Not for phones, tablets, nor MACs yet.)

Checks targets running on any operating system.

Scanned and guarenteed free of all viruses and malware, adware, spyware, trackware, third-party toolbars, and auxiliary downloads.

Current Release is 0.73

Download Appchkr FREE   (for either OS, 32 or 64 bit, and all Appchkr types)

Install:   Unzip the file to a new directory or folder named "Appchkr" with the appropriate unzip tool for your operating system. Then enter the command


at the command line in that directory,

or, in File Explorer double click on install_chkr.cmd on MS Windows™, or install_chkr on Linux, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation after unzipping.

Download the Appchkr Update.   (Updates any earlier Appchkr release of any OS or Appchkr type. )

Subscribers receive these updates automatically and will be prompted to install them.

To update the free version download this update file into the directory or folder (normally "Appchkr") into which you originally installed the program. (Its base directory.) Run this file


as above, and follow the instructions to complete the update.

Release notes

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