Appchkr zip file installation:

Unzip the file to a new directory or folder named "Appchkr" with the appropriate unzip tool for your operating system. Then on MS Windows™ double click on install_chkr.cmd in a File Explorer window (On Linux double click on install_chkr instead) and follow the on-screen instructions. Alternatively run the file from the command line in that directory.

    On Windows unzip the file by using...
  • the "Extract..." command in Windows Explorer, by right-clicking on the file,
  • or 7-zip from here,
  • or WinRAR from here,
  • or Winzip from here,
  • or PKzip from here.
    On Linux and UNIX systems use...
  • the built-in 'unzip' command in the install directory as :


    (with x.xx the release number. Get the unzip program here if it's missing.),
  • or p7zip from here (A Linux port of 7-zip),
  • or PKzip from here.

To get a command line on Windows open "Command Prompt" in the "Windows System" programs folder on Win10 or in the "All Programs > Accessories " folder on earlier versions of Windows.

On Linux open a terminal session.

On either system cd to the installation directory first, after opening the session:

cd <your_path>

and then run the installation process with the command:


    To run as administrator on Windows:
  • Commandline: When opening the Command Prompt window right-click on it rather than just double-clicking it. Click on "Run as administrator" in the menu that opens.
  • Windows Explorer: Similarly right-click on the file to be run rather than double-clicking it directly. Click on "Run as administrator" in the menu that opens.
  • Windows 10: The admin command prompt is a separate link obtained either by right clicking on the 'start' icon or from the 'Windows System > Command prompt > More > Run as administrator' app menu item.

    Your login id must have the administrator role.