We do! Appchkr is our mainstay in keeping our own network infrastructure operating at peak uptime.

We developed Appchkr several years ago as an efficiency tool for our own use while working with private clients, in part because there was no product available with this particular set of features at this price point. We found it frustrating to begin a day's work and sometimes be blocked, unpredictably, because this or that item of hardware or software in the client's network was down. As with so many networked systems every element needed to function for the entire system to do so and our work to be able to proceed. With this tool in place we were alerted immediately to downtime and could pinpoint it and fix it quickly, before frustration set in, often before others were even aware of the problem. :=)

Appchkr started very small and simply. Features were added as the need arose, leading to the functionality and seasoned product that you find here today. Its effectiveness, usefulness and versatility for us at these accounts led to the decision to turn it into a standard product and make it available to the public. If it can save us time, money and aggravation while getting our daily work done it ought to be able to do so as well for others. Please let us know your experience.